Burnside Medical Centre

Burnside Medical Centre

Bulk Billing. No co-payment required.


Shop 19, Burnside Shopping Centre, 15-25 Westwood Drive, Burnside, VIC 3023; Located Next (behind) Chemist Warehouse.


Phone: (03) 9363 6766




Dr Frank Xia

Dr Frank Xia  MB, MM, MBA (Melb), FRACGP


Originally from Shanghai, Dr Xia graduated from Tongji Medical University in 1986. He is a fellow of Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP).  He joined Burnside Medical center in December 2012 after moving from Castlemaine, Victoria. Dr Xia consults in all aspect of general practice with special interest in cardiovascular disease, mantle health, travel medicine and sports related injuries. He speaks English, Mandarin and Shanghainese

Dr David Hau

Dr David Hau 


Very experienced GP


Paediatrics (Children's Medicine), Musculoskeletal injuries, dermatology, skin check 
Speaks fluent Mandarin, Cantonese, and Malay as well 


Dr. Crystal Zhao;

Very exerperienced GP

Apart from general practice and family medicine, Dr. Zhao has Interests in Hypnosis and Psychological Medicine

Opening hours    MOn- Fri  8.45am - 6pm    sat   9- 1pm

- Afterhours hours - the clinic after hours service is only available when the clinic is closed

please contact the locum service for all enquires


- Billing  - Bulk Billing for all current  medicare  card holders  -

non medicare  patients are required to billed  cash on the day 

  Some "facility/medication"charges may applied if a procedure is required which is not covered by Medicare


- communication policy -

   All patients are welcomed to call the doctor, staff will take your details and try their best to help you

   and will only interrupt a consultation if the concern is urgent  


 - results-  All patients are encouraged to make an appointment to discuss their results with a doctor of their choice

                   No results are discussed over the phone.


 Management of Patient health Information

- All patients medical records  are  confidential

  Please enquire with the doctor if you need to access your file.

   It is the policy of the clinic to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information

   is only available to authorised staff members. Written consent of the patient is required for any information to be released from this clinic.



-  If patients have a concern, the clinic would like to hear about it.

   Please feel free to talk to your doctor or administrative staff.

   Or you may prefer to leave your written concern in the clinic suggestion box.



  All clinic's have a practice information sheet available  at reception